The Politecnico di Milano offers its students several opportunities for enriching their own education.

The questionnaire we are proposing aims to provide you with stimuli regarding your preferences and the way you act in situations that you experience each day. It is not an exam or an aptitude test: answer spontaneously on the basis of how you normally behave.


The questionnaire has two sections.

The first has 10 situations in which you will be asked to express your preference, placing in order three possible options, from the one that expresses your preference best of all and your way of acting to the one that expresses it least.

The second section has 10 statements to arrange in a “classification”, from the one you recognize yourself most in to the one that you recognize yourself least in.

At the end you will discover the profile that has been created from the answers you gave and will receive some suggestions that are in line with your aptitude and preferences.

There are 15 questions in this survey.